TRADE LONDON LTD, is a large community of financial activists, investors and enthusiasts engaged to free the people from state control of your money.

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Who we are and what we do?

TRADE LONDON LTD, an intelligent software system based on Python AI that allows any trader in the cryptographic assets and other industries to access a dashboard that monitors and analyzes real-time data on the cryptographic market. Analyzes. Trade London is based on Cogia patented technology that uses semantic indexing and online data structure using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. In addition, the system offers news, prices and messages. Similar to Bloomberg Information Provider in traditional financial markets, we want to become the equivalent information provider in the cryptocurrency market - not as unique as Bloomberg, but open to the mass market. This system is able to detect very high trades and very high risk to risk ratio, as well as the actual market movement itself based on software analysis. This system has been working for almost two years and we have achieved very brilliant results during these years. You do not need to have knowledge to plan a software, by subscribing to our site and investing, you will receive daily profits. TRADE LONDON LTD seeks to help traders identify opportunities and risks and create greater security when operating in this new market. Designed by traders for traders, Trade London intends to silence misinformation that casts doubt on cryptocurrencies. By acting as a guide in this space, we add a layer of analysis and more reliability to the market and create a more intuitive experience overall. The main problem in the current emergence of cryptography is the lack of quality and verifiable information about cryptographic markets. There is a lot of noise that makes it difficult for the market for both veterans and newcomers to get close and move. This problem is completely solved and minimized by artificial intelligence.

TRADE LONDON LTD, is a company registered in the United Kingdom, which is completely legal and all its steps are legal and registered. You can see the information about the company below.

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